Sunday, November 7, 2010

World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010: final day

Greetings from the Lyon Exupéry Airport. It's time to head back to the Big Smoke, London. What an eventful three and a half days it was in Lyon. I must admit that the World Entrepreneurship Forum far exceeded my expectations so congratulations once again for the organisers and EMLYON Business School and KPMG. 

As I'm waiting to board my flight and having just learned of a 30-minute delay, I figured I might as well use my time to work on my blog. Well, I hope I got the facts right, after all the announcement came with a somewhat strong French accent. Not that there's anything wrong with it (Seinfeld pun intended)! I love the French accent. But I digress. Here's yet another update from yesterday's closing session. 

On my way to Grenoble (I had one day to kill so I went to the famous Olympic city to visit an old friend), I chatted to myself and my iPhone video camera about the Forum's outcome and some plans for next year. Anyway, I shall wait till I get to London before I post that clip online. It requires a bit more bandwith I believe.

This morning session was all about the members. Each member took the stage, me included (hey, if you got a photo please do email it to me), to give their commitments to the coming year. I'll tell you a bit more about mine later.

After all the members of the Forum had been up on stage to talk about their commitments for the coming year, it was time for the organisers to take the stage and make their pledges. EMLYON Business School's director Patrik Molle seemed thrilled along with everyone else on the buzz the Forum had created over the three days. Applauses went back and forth.

One of Patrick's pledges was to support Kah Walla's campaign for Cameroon's presidency. He had even manage to print T-shirts with Kah Walla's campaign slogan on it: 'The time is now'. Patrik also announced that at next year's World Entrepreneurship Foum 2011 there would be 1 million euros up for grabs for best initiatives to have come out of this year's Forum and apparently the same would be the case for the next five years. So 5 million euros in total will be there to support the creation of social and economic justice.

As if the organiser's hadn't impressed us enough, they showed us how the Forum had been featured in news around the world. This clip from Euronews was shown.


Okay I could easily go on, put my flight has just been called so I've got to dash. Do check back later in the week for more thoughts. 


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