Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Have a point to make? Beware PowerPoint

Have you sat through countless of presentations watching a never-ending stream of PowerPoint slides loaded with information and finding yourself thinking whether it's about time you bought new shoes? You are not alone.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of PowerPoint. But however great the easy-to-use software is, it continues to be misused in most presentations. With 30,000,000 PowerPoint presentations made every day only in the business world, it might be a time to have a good critical look at the use of the software in presentations.

While PowerPoint can be a great tool aiding the presentation, the problem with it is that presenters generally tend to talk to the slides and not to the audience. On top of that, the slides more than often contain way too much information while providing very little visual stimulus for the yawning audience. And just because there are bullet points it doesn't mean people will pay attention.

I recommend reading Max Atkinson's article the Problem of PowerPoint where he sheds light on the many pitfalls of using the prevalent software in presentations.