Saturday, April 25, 2009

Iberoamerican Design Exhibition

If you're into design and are around Madrid, it's worth visiting the Design Exhibition at Madrid's Matadero. The exhibit features design flair from Spain and Latin America: advertising campaigns, fashion, posters, brand identities and more. Here's a short review.

Brand identity:
Fundación Lil
ian Thuram

Mario Eskenazi, Mexico

Diego Feijóo, Spain

"Solo hay una raza, la humana, hasta que todos lo aprendamos"

The vision and values of the former French World Cup winner's Lilian Thuram Foundation are so strongly integrated to the visual identity, that they need little further introductions.

It's worth paying a visit to the foundation's web site — check out how the various components of the visual identity (names from different countries on top of silhouette faces of all shapes) come together in the form of an introductory animation. Note also how the visual identity plays out on different segments of the site too.

Poster design:

Immigration is an issue that raises strong feelings in Spain. Most of the immigrants come in search of a better life across the Gibraltar from northern Africa. Depending on your point of view they're either "welcome" or "unwelcome".

Elman Padilla, Honduras

Poster design:
Carson in Panama

For the typography buffs out there, here's a little treat for you from a well-known surfer-turned-designer.

David Carson, USA

Poster design:

"Sin amor, no hay revolución"
is a famous quote from Che Guevara decorating this poster.

David Criado, Bolivia

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